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Creator jawz101
id 1ce595e0-48b3-40db-9e1d-712ce025109e
created 2018-04-01T17:44:08.416099+00:00
updated 2019-05-29T19:41:10.836608+00:00
name Areametrics

SDK documentation https://areametrics.com/documentation/ Maven repository: https://dl.bintray.com/areametrics/AreaMetricsSDK Artifact: com.areametrics:sdk:2.2.2

creation_date 2018-04-01
code_signature com.areametrics.areametricssdk|com.areametrics.nosdkandroid
network_signature areametrics\.com
website https://areametrics.com/
is_in_exodus True
maven_repository https://dl.bintray.com/areametrics/AreaMetricsSDK/
artifact_id sdk
group_id com.areametrics
gradle com.areametrics:sdk:2.4.2
comments Geo-location data that powers business intelligence AreaMetrics’ location data is used by marketers and brands to drive fresh insights and competitive advantages AreaMetrics provides geo-location data that powers insights for marketers and brands. We access a network of in-store sensors to understand offline foot-traffic and to deliver the highest-quality in alternative data intelligence. COMPETITIVE INTELLIGENCE Transform enterprise decision-making. Connect analytics to action and gain a competitive information advantage. PROXIMITY MARKETING Enable effective ad targeting and offline attribution studies. Use geo-location to deliver high-performing location-based at campaigns and unlock new customer insights. TRANSPARENT APP MONETIZATION In today’s privacy-centric climate, apps need a responsible way to earn revenue. We’ve created a simple way for apps to earn revenue with three key benefits: No SDK, No Ads, No GPS. We’re Committed to GDPR AreaMetrics is committed to data protection and privacy. That’s why we are ensuring strict compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation and taking extra care to make sure data is handled safely and securely. Learn more about how we’re keeping data protected.
Category Analytics