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Status Unmatched in εxodus
Creator jawz101
Approver ✔️ stevenxx132
id 2513cfc9-5010-4a76-883b-6be90c3b4af3
created 2019-04-27T20:49:52.088972+00:00
updated 2022-02-10T20:48:06.722793+00:00
name Ad4Game

Specialized on game advertising

creation_date 2019-04-27
code_signature com.a4gpublisher.
network_signature ad4game\.com
website https://ad4game.com
is_in_exodus False
comments http://developer.ad4game.com/index.php/Android zips on page contain instructions. Can't tell if there is something to detect except they reference these files: AndroidSDKPublisher4.0.jar AndroidSDKTracker2.0.jar
exodus_matches 0
Category Advertisement