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Anvato (A Google Company)

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created 2020-11-09T18:34:35.298785+00:00
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name Anvato (A Google Company)

Media streaming and monetization platform

Anvato Android SDK is a complete set of software that allows Android developers to rapidly create applications that can :

  • play server-side stitched advertisements
  • play client-side advertisements from DFP ad-servers
  • play VAST ads
  • track content using Omniture, comScore, Anvato RT


creation_date 2020-11-09
code_signature com.anvato.androidsdk.
network_signature .*\.anvato\.net
website https://cloud.google.com/solutions/media-entertainment/?a=2
is_in_exodus True
comments https://dev.anvato.net/api/android#about-anvato-android-sdk android.permission.ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION (optional) Allows applciations to access precise location from location sources. This is used for entitlement check processes. This can be configured by accessing UserInfoConfig using userInfo namespace. Methods include setUserInfo(UserInfo infoKey, String value) that sets the user information and getUserInfo(UserInfo key) that retrieves the user information. Supported user information types can be accessed with UserInfo enum. Parameter Type Description geoZip String Geo zip homezip String Home zip Comscore Description The Anvato Android SDK implements the comScore library which enables it to send analytics data to the comScore server when this plugin is enabled. The SDK also allows the application to send additional data in these calls. The following sections describe how the comscore plugin can be enabled and how the application can pass data to the SDK to be inserted in the comScore calls. Conviva Description The Anvato Android Player SDK implements the Conviva Android SDK which enables it to send analytics data to the conviva end point when this plugin is enabled. The SDK also allows the application to send custom metadata in these calls. Conviva dashboards provide insights to content broadcasters by gathering key metrics during high demand events and monitor the system in real time. Access to the dependencies and the SDK is provided by Conviva. DFP Description The Anvato Android SDK supports DFP (DoubleClick for Publishers, an advertisement software as a service application run by Google). Application can set DFP params before using load to play video by using the APIs in the dfp namespace of the AnvatoConfig instance. Anvato Android SDK will use these params in the post object which is used to fetch video data from backend. There are two types of DFP ad: server side dfp and client side dfp. We highly recommend using the server side dfp, since it has the following two advantages: Effectively prevent the Ad blocker; Freewheel Description The Anvato Android SDK supports playback of server side ads served from freewheel ad servers. By configuring the SDK with server side freewheel advertising parameters, the SDK will send the the values to the Anvato backend, which will insert the modified version of the advertisement into the original video asset and serve it to the player. This section describes how the application can pass parameters to the SDK ... integration w/ a few more as well Google Cloud for media and entertainment Modernize your content production and distribution operations while transforming audience experiences across the world. Improve audience engagement through data and AI Data warehouse modernization Manage your petabytes of data seamlessly by utilizing BigQuery, our serverless, scalable data warehouse. Audience insights Understand audiences more deeply in near real time with Looker and our streaming data analytics platform. AI-enriched video content Streamline time-consuming processes like content search and discovery and automatically enrich videos with intelligence using our machine learning capabilities.
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