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Creator jawz101
id 2ecc7de7-d746-4c90-96f6-c469bb220b1e
created 2019-04-27T20:59:54.856873+00:00
updated 2020-07-13T20:49:54.207278+00:00
name AdAdapted

AdAdapted is a digital engagement and insights platform for CPG brands and agencies. The AdAdapted platform offers CPG brands the ability to directly target their primary consumers in the apps they use to plan and shop.


creation_date 2019-04-27
code_signature com.adadapted.android.sdk.
network_signature ads\.adadapted\.com
website https://www.adadapted.com
is_in_exodus True
comments What Do We Offer CPG Brands? The AdAdapted platform offers CPG brands the ability to reach an active audience focused exclusively on their product, activate that audience with proprietary add-to-list and keyword intercept tools, and discover unique and valuable insights as to who their consumers are and how they interact with your ads. AdAdapted is eliminating the guessing game and providing you with the knowledge of when and where your consumers are thinking about your brand, further closing the path to purchase loop. https://dev.adadapted.com compile (name: 'adadapted_sdk', ext: 'aar')
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