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id 465d0b1b-07a2-401c-81f6-5dbeebf7e8de
created 2019-04-27T20:40:09.173649+00:00
updated 2020-07-14T10:51:46.841886+00:00
name Aarki

all help links behind developer portals. code signature and maven/gradle strings taken from Github projects and classname dumps

creation_date 2019-04-27
code_signature com.aarki
website https://www.aarki.com
is_in_exodus False
artifact_id monetization
group_id com.aarki
gradle com.aarki:monetization:3.0
comments Dynamic Creative Optimization + Programmatic Media Buying Elevate your mobile app advertising with Aarki Encore. [multivariate creative testing | lookalike targeting | machine learning | placement transparency] Power of Creative Optimization On average, clients see a ROI lift of 47.5% as a result of our dynamic creative optimization technology. Our in-house creative designers develop engaging ads, which are then optimized through targeted programmatic media and multivariate testing. Integrated Mobile App Advertising Aarki Encore is our integrated platform that enables robust and scalable programmatic media buying, development of rich & interactive HTML5 creative, and unified optimization. Machine Learning User data is fed into a system of Bayesian machine learning models to estimate the propensity that the user will perform a certain action. This propensity is then used in creative and media optimization. As new information comes in, the propensity gets updated automatically.