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Creator jawz101
id 4838c3cb-47fc-4ad4-ad9c-a0488bc47492
created 2019-01-04T05:13:49.326963+00:00
updated 2019-01-04T05:13:49.327038+00:00
name Bluecats

https://github.com/bluecats/bluecats-android-sdk https://developer.bluecats.com/ https://www.bluecats.com/document/mobile-sdk-ios-android/

creation_date 2019-01-04
code_signature com.bluecats.sdk
website https://www.bluecats.com/
is_in_exodus False
gradle com.bluecats:bluecats-android-sdk:2.0.4
comments Make Your Locations Smarter BlueCats manufactures one-way transmitter devices called Beacons that utilize Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology. Beacons use constant transmissions to add data to real-world locations and objects. Loop Platform Add a smart dimension to your sensor data with Loop. A single platform to gather data and be alerted to events with an adaptable, rules-based system. Loop Hospitality The future of in-venue delivery. Accurately locate guests without attaching equipment to your tables or furniture.