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Creator jawz101
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id 4ce5528f-7b20-401a-a326-4de6362e4a97
created 2020-08-18T23:03:30.249240+00:00
updated 2020-09-19T15:52:48.437190+00:00
name ACRCloud

Audio recognition platform

We provide a full suite of API & SDK to enable robust, scalable and flexible integrations. You can not only use SDK & API to receive recognition results, but also control everything on the platform via RESTful API.

  • Music Recognition
  • Broadcast Monitoring
  • Live Channel Detection
  • Detecting Live Channels And Time-Shifting Channels In Scale
  • Second Screen Synchronization
  • Detecting Pre-Recorded Content In Scale And Interacting With Selected Television Broadcasts
  • Copyright Compliance
  • Protecting Music Copyright
  • Data deduplication
  • Audience Measurement
  • Humming Recognition-Find Out The Title Of A Song Simply By Humming The Tune Into Your Device
  • Offline Recognition-Detecting Custom Content On Devices Without Network Connection
creation_date 2020-08-18
code_signature com.acrcloud
network_signature acrcloud.com|hb-minify-juc1ugur1qwqqqo4.stackpathdns.com
website https://acrcloud.com/
is_in_exodus True
gradle arcrcloud-android-sdk-
comments https://docs.acrcloud.com/docs/acrcloud/ https://docs.acrcloud.com/docs/acrcloud/audio-fingerprinting-sdks/android-sdk/ https://github.com/acrcloud/acrcloud_sdk_android_extr dependencies { compile-files('libs/arcrcloud-android-sdk-') } android.permission.RECORD_AUDIO android.permission.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE android.permission.ACCESS_WIFI_STATE android.permission.INTERNET android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE android.permission.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE
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