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Avazu aNative

Creator jawz101
id 5d412b16-c572-486d-8937-3c0a6bd787a0
created 2019-02-12T21:01:22.937546+00:00
updated 2020-09-10T08:03:37.844359+00:00
name Avazu aNative

Maximize your in-app ad revenue with Avazu aNative – a one stop app monetization solution

aNative, an one-stop app monetization solution for application developers, offers seamless integration with all kinds of applications.

You can now use a wide range of customized ad formats according to your app’s look and feel.

Our service covers over 85% of the mobile users across the world, processing over 20 billion ads daily.

Maximize your in-app ad revenue with the most advanced and all-round SDK available for both Android and iOS.

creation_date 2019-02-12
network_signature avazutracking\.net
website http://avazuinc.com
is_in_exodus False
comments http://avazu.com/products/#anative https://mdsp.avazutracking.net/home/ https://github.com/anative/anative_sdk_android/tree/master/doc/EN https://github.com/avazu AvazuNativeAdSdk_v2.0.jar AudienceNetwork.jar
Category Advertisement Analytics