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id 6bfe2e44-b01f-42bb-94de-b5321d861ffd
created 2018-04-01T17:44:07.404225+00:00
updated 2019-05-29T19:41:11.487596+00:00
name Carnival
  • Website: http://carnival.io/
  • Comment: Carnival mobile marketing automation drives app engagement and customer conversions.
  • Category: Analytics, Advertising
  • Code signature: com.carnival.sdk, com.carnivalmobile
  • Network signature: xxx.com
  • Maven repository: xxx.com
  • Artifact ID: xxx
  • Group ID: xxx
  • Gradle: xxx
  • Additional links: https://devices.carnivalmobile.com
  • Notes: FakePhoneCallActivity, "fake_call_message"
creation_date 2018-04-01
code_signature com.carnival.sdk|com.carnivalmobile
network_signature devices.carnivalmobile.com
website http://carnival.io/
is_in_exodus True