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Creator blaueente
Approvers ✔️ Lovis_IX
✔️ stevenxx132
id 6c28d37a-a4b3-451b-88de-4af24d617d62
created 2020-12-04T22:04:33.718631+00:00
updated 2021-10-03T17:25:04.749664+00:00
name Alibaba HTTPDNS

Name resolving library by Alibaba. May send requested domain names to Alibaba servers.

creation_date 2020-12-04
code_signature com.alibaba.sdk.android.httpdns
network_signature httpdns-sc\.aliyuncs\.com|203\.107\.1\.97|203\.107\.1\.100|203\.107\.1\.1
website https://cn.aliyun.com/product/httpdns
is_in_exodus False
comments two code signature found in our dataset com.alibaba.sdk.android.utils.AMSDevReporter 165 times com.alibaba.sdk.android.httpdns 101 times pnu: I'm not sure this is a tracker according to Exodus Privacy's definition. In which category would this fit?
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