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Creator jawz101
id 7a61b074-9b27-4ae6-9732-23f1c6ac2471
created 2018-04-23T04:55:25.123816+00:00
updated 2020-09-10T08:59:31.392498+00:00
name ironSource

ironSource builds monetization, engagement, analytics and discovery tools for app developers, device manufacturers, mobile carriers and advertisers. We empower content creators across platforms to turn their digital content into viable businesses without having to charge for them. Our technologies make free-to-play and free-to-use possible for the internet community.

creation_date 2018-04-23
code_signature com.ironsource.
website https://www.ironsrc.com
is_in_exodus True
maven_repository https://dl.bintray.com/ironsource-mobile/android-sdk
artifact_id mediationsdk
group_id com.ironsource.sdk
gradle com.ironsource.sdk:mediationsdk:+
comments https://developers.ironsrc.com/ironsource-mobile/android/android-sdk/ documentation: http://developers.supersonic.com/hc/en-us/articles/201481051
exodus_matches None
Category Analytics