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Alimama / AdsMogo

Creator hc
id 7c094493-ee4f-4f11-955a-7ff2b6c6a521
created 2020-03-09T16:40:48.287916+00:00
updated 2020-03-09T16:48:44.287120+00:00
name Alimama / AdsMogo

AdsMOGO is the largest Mobile SSP and Ad Exchange in China, which was acquired in January 2015, by Alibaba. It is now called Alimama. Also called AFP "Alimama for Publishers".

creation_date 2020-03-09
website https://www.alimama.com/
is_in_exodus False
comments https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/alimama-com https://www.techinasia.com/alibaba-acquires-chinas-biggest-adtech-company-adchina https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/adsmogo https://www.safedk.com/marketplace/sdks/adsmogo-adsmogo https://www.appbrain.com/stats/libraries/details/adsmogo/adsmogo Previous home pages: * http://www.adsmogo.com/ * http://afp.alimama.com/
Category Advertisement