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Creator jawz101
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created 2019-01-01T03:14:12.045810+00:00
updated 2022-02-03T07:52:10.910934+00:00
name WalkMe/Abbi.io

I don't know how to document this because I have bits and pieces of information from 2 different products since Abbi.io joined this Walkme company.

I think Walkme must've originally been web analytics and Abbi.io was bought to offer a mobile analytics product

http://abbi.io/ network signature: rtapi.abbi.io code signature: abbi.io:abbiio-android-sdk:1.0.0

WalkMe https://walkme.com/ https://support.walkme.com/article-categories/walkme-mobile/ https://bintray.com/walkme/maven more maven stuff here


creation_date 2019-01-01
code_signature com.walkme.wmads|com.walkme.wmanalytics|com.walkme.wmcrosspromotion|abbi.io.abbisdk.
website https://walkme.com
is_in_exodus False
maven_repository https://dl.bintray.com/walkme/maven
comments documentation: https://developer.zendesk.com/rest_api/docs/zendesk-apis/resources
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Category Advertisement Analytics Location Profiling