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Google CrashLytics


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name Google CrashLytics

Primary Location

United States (Boston) Crunchbase, 01




Crashlytics offers a crash reporting solution for app developers.


Google Recode, 01



Products and Services

Crashlytics offers a variety of services for app developers. Crashlytics:

  • Receives and analyzes app crash reports which may contain user and device-specific data.

  • Performs analytics on app logs "even the exact line of code your app crashed on" Crashlytics, 03

  • Performs analytics on app users and utilizes social media advertising. "Get insight into your users, what they’re doing, and inject live social content to delight them" Fabric, 01

  • Performs cross-device user identity and authentication via "Fabric" Wired, 01

Privacy Policy

Crashlytics Privacy Policy can be viewed at Crashlytics, 04.


Customers: Square / Walmart / Paypal / Yelp / Paperless Post / Blackboard / Path / Groupon / Domino's / Expedia / Orbitz / Kayak / 5 Infinity / Waze / OpenTable Crashlytics, 01

Integrations: Redmine / Pivotal Tracker / Jira / PagerDuty / Asana / OpsGenie / GitHub / Campfire / Sprintly / Hall / YouTrack / Bitbucket / Trello / FogBugz / Zoho / Slack / GitLab / Asana / YouTrack / Sprint.ly / Bitbucket / HipChat Crashlytics, 02


Financial details: Crashlytics was founded in 2011 and had raised $6 million from funders. Twitter acquired Crashlytics in in 2013 for a reported $38 million Crunchbase, 01; Boston Business Journal, 01. In 2017, Google acquired Twitter's developer suite Fabric, which included Crashlytics, for integration into Google Firebase. The details of the deal were not publicly disclosed Recode, 01. Crashlytics is a business division of Google, Inc. Crashlytics, 04.


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