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id 93fdd3a9-533e-41f1-a205-e28f0dd6fb28
created 2018-12-12T22:56:24.665973+00:00
updated 2019-04-15T18:27:36.256181+00:00
name Bugly

Bugly is a software manufacturing company specializing in detecting and tracking bug issues https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/bugly

creation_date 2018-12-12
code_signature com.tencent.bugly.
network_signature bugly.qq.com
website https://bugly.qq.com/v2/
is_in_exodus True
maven_repository https://bugly.bintray.com/maven/
comments All the website is in chinese. A google translation tells us : Tencent Bugly provides professional developers with abnormal reporting and operational statistics to help developers quickly identify and resolve anomalies, while keeping abreast of product operations and keeping up with user feedback. https://bintray.com/bugly/maven https://bugly.qq.com/v2/downloads