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Creator jawz101
Approver ✔️ stevenxx132
id 94a7097b-3a10-476c-a8e1-1eef08ab514d
created 2018-12-28T19:21:01.415463+00:00
updated 2021-05-16T13:40:47.912833+00:00
name Adzerk

https://dev.adzerk.com/reference/android-sdk-1 https://github.com/adzerk/adzerk-android-sdk

creation_date 2018-12-28
code_signature com.adzerk.android.sdk
network_signature adzerk\.com|adzerk\.net|engine\.adzerk\.net|static\.adzerk\.net
website https://adzerk.com/
is_in_exodus False
maven_repository https://dl.bintray.com/adzerk/Maven/
artifact_id sdk
group_id com.adzerk
gradle com.adzerk:sdk:0.1.+
comments Build and launch an ad server in just weeks using APIs Adzerk's APIs make it easy for engineers and PMs to build fully-customized, white-labeled, server-side ad servers Think of Adzerk like a box of Legos: our infrastructure tools let you build, test, and tweak any ad server - with flexibility around pricing, look/feel, targeting, pacing, and much more. Found 0 times (2020-12-13)
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Category Advertisement