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Status In εxodus
Creator AndrolyZ
id 96566dac-636d-4be5-ad5a-267db4ad8f06
created 2019-01-09T08:57:59.167264+00:00
updated 2020-03-12T15:33:49.976677+00:00
name Alohalytics

C++/Android/iOS statistics transport

creation_date 2019-01-09
code_signature org.alohalytics.
website https://github.com/biodranik/Alohalytics
is_in_exodus True
comments Alohalytics statistics engine solves following problems: Track any event from iOS/Android/C++ code (e.g. events from Java and native C++ code will be collected perfectly). Track basic events like iOS/Android app installs/updates/launches. Track basic devices information including IDFA and Google Play Advertising IDs. Collect all events while device is offline.
exodus_matches None
Category Analytics