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Status In εxodus
Creator stevenxx132
Approver ✔️ pnu
id 996bfcaa-2d28-4611-a4d9-bb14304dadd0
created 2021-02-16T09:47:30.379141+00:00
updated 2023-12-05T10:05:28.205835+00:00
name ACRA

Application Crash Reports for Android

Free and open source solution

creation_date 2021-02-16
code_signature org.acra.|ch.acra.
website https://www.acra.ch/
is_in_exodus True
maven_repository https://search.maven.org/search?q=g:ch.acra
comments https://github.com/ACRA/acra
exodus_matches 5145
Category Crash reporting