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id 99c35b3b-7587-4055-a9ad-c655c502564f
created 2019-04-20T01:13:05.001848+00:00
updated 2019-04-20T01:13:05.001885+00:00
name Zucks

https://ms.zucksadnetwork.com/media/sdk/manual/android/ https://github.com/zucks/

creation_date 2019-04-20
code_signature net.zucks.
network_signature zucks.net
website http://zucks.co.jp
is_in_exodus False
maven_repository https://github.com/zucks/ZucksAdNetworkSDK-Maven/raw/master/
gradle net.zucks:zucks-ad-network-sdk:4.6.1
comments Realize further monetization efficiently Zucks Ad Network is a pay-per-click ad network specialized for Japan's largest smartphone. Deliver highly profitable advertising according to each media and app to maximize revenue. Advertising trading team to set the best bid from various results The advertising trading team at Zucks Ad Network has added manual tuning to increase media revenue. Rich advertising items by genre We have a large inventory of advertising, whether overseas or in Japan. It is possible to deliver advertisements of various categories according to media and application categories.