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created 2018-12-23T20:17:14.007346+00:00
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name Chartbeat


creation_date 2018-12-23
code_signature com.chartbeat.androidsdk
network_signature .chartbeat.com|.chartbeat.net
website https://chartbeat.com/
is_in_exodus True
comments Chartbeat, the content intelligence platform for publishers, empowers media companies to build loyal audiences with real-time and historical editorial analytics across desktop, social, and mobile platforms. Chartbeat helps digital publishing organizations understand what, within their content, is keeping people engaged. Partnering with over 60,000 media brands across 60+ countries, Chartbeat’s real-time and historical dashboards, in-depth headline testing and in-page optimization tools, robust reporting, and more help the world’s leading media organizations understand, measure, and build business value from the attention earned by their written and video content. http://blog.chartbeat.com/2018/06/28/using-chartbeat-keep-mobile-audience/