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Creator AndrolyZ
Approver ✔️ stevenxx132
id ac9e4300-5e60-4baf-9022-456cc87ac381
created 2018-12-04T19:49:06.468737+00:00
updated 2021-05-16T13:38:17.127613+00:00
name Veloxity
creation_date 2018-12-04
code_signature net.veloxity.
website http://www.veloxity.net/
is_in_exodus False
maven_repository https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/net.veloxity.sdk/veloxitysdk/2.8.3
gradle // https://mvnrepository.com/artifact/net.veloxity.sdk/veloxitysdk compile group: 'net.veloxity.sdk', name: 'veloxitysdk', version: '2.8.3'
comments At Veloxity, we go beyond the traditional segmentation and targeting that is based on characteristics such as gender, age, race, geolocation, and income profiles. We capture the full consumer behavior as it pertains to real-world activity, recognizing every contextual elements impacting purchasing decisions. http://www.veloxity.net/solutions/hyper-targeted-ads Hypertargeting refers to the process of delivering highly customized advertising to a defined audience using very specific parameters. With our innovative technologies, Veloxity collects data on your unique customers and then uses that information to create powerful segmentations. Our techniques are different from current hypertargeting methods as we are able to utilize both in-app and out-of-app behavior, giving you a complete view of your customers’ activity. http://www.veloxity.net/solutions/monetization-controlled-engagement
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