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Xiaomi Push Service

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Creator blaueente
Approvers ✔️ Lovis_IX
✔️ stevenxx132
id ae7568dd-0b38-432a-be27-dbebb553658a
created 2020-12-04T22:14:30.316240+00:00
updated 2021-10-09T07:10:21.228435+00:00
name Xiaomi Push Service
creation_date 2020-12-04
code_signature com.xiaomi.push|com.xiaomi.mipush.
network_signature app\.chat\.xiaomi\.net|42\.62\.94\.2|114\.54\.23\.2|111\.13\.142\.2|111\.206\.200\.2
website https://dev.mi.com/console/doc/detail?pId=1244
is_in_exodus False
comments Found in 658 apk of you actual dataset. May be "simply" phone home, and seems to be deactivate in Europe (look at the forum to have your own idea).
exodus_matches 1034
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