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In Loco


id b13d6bff-9cd7-4fac-9e47-3eeff8c46779
created 2019-04-29T03:02:14.567876+00:00
updated 2020-07-13T20:54:14.731140+00:00
name In Loco

Technology company that provides intelligence based on location data.

creation_date 2019-04-29
code_signature com.inlocomedia.android
network_signature inlocomedia\.com
website https://inloco.com.br
is_in_exodus True
gradle com.inlocomedia.android:android-sdk-ads:4.3.16
comments The Privacy-Friendly Location Platform The power of data intelligence to understand people's behavior in the physical world. Location defines context and intention We understand people’s movements so we can interact with them at the right time. With In Loco’s technology, points on a map become strategic information to drive business. In Loco in Numbers + 16TB of data collected daily The equivalent to 120.000 hours of music. 60 million devices in our base More devices than the total population of Italy. 25 thousand apps available in the programatic media platform That’s more the total number of football stadiums in the planet. + 25 millions locations mapped around the globe More than the existing animal species. + 1.5 billion visits registered monthly 200x the amount of big macs sold monthly around the world.