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id b55738ae-7132-489c-af7d-508154deb3f0
created 2018-10-18T22:49:25.704069+00:00
updated 2019-03-19T20:34:06.985769+00:00
name deltaDNA

Game Analytics and Marketing

creation_date 2018-10-18
code_signature com.deltadna
network_signature deltadna.net
website https://deltadna.com/
is_in_exodus True
maven_repository http://deltadna.bintray.com/android
artifact_id deltadna-sdk
group_id com.deltadna.android
gradle com.deltadna.android:deltadna-sdk:4.10.0
comments Providing fast and powerful analytics tools and insight to the games sector since 2010 http://docs.deltadna.com/ https://bintray.com/deltadna https://github.com/deltadna At the heart of the deltaDNA offering is the analytics platform, gathering deep and rich data to unlock better player experiences and increase engagement and revenues. The speed and machine-learning power of Vertica enables deltaDNA’s highly accurate LTV and player churn forecasting capability and also drives our predictive segmentation feature-set. Vertica provides the capability to identify, target and engage with individual players automatically, with personalized interactions, live in-game.