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name HockeyApp

Primary Location

Microsoft: United States (Seattle) / Bit Stadium: Germany (Stuttgart) Crunchbase, 01




HockeyApp is utilized for crash reporting, app distribution, user feedback, and the collection of user metrics. "HockeyApp is a service for app developers to support them in various aspects of their development process, including the management and recruitment of testers, the distribution of apps and the collection of crash reports." HockeyApp 01


Bit Stadium is a subsidiary of Microsoft Bloomberg, 01



What it does

Analyzes user behavior and app usage. "Understand user behavior to improve your app. Track app adoption through daily active users, monthly active users, and net new users. Measure customer engagement through session count and verify your apps reliability day by day with Crash Free Users." HockeyApp, 02

"When enabled, the SDK anonymously tracks the users of your app by creating a UUID that is then securely stored. The UUID is securely stored in the preferences of the client app." HockeyApp, 03

Privacy Policy

Microsoft Privacy Statement https://privacy.microsoft.com/en-us/PrivacyStatement

Developers can opt out of statistical analysis of their app's users. "Just in case you want to opt-out of the automatic collection of anonymous users and sessions statistics, there is a way to turn this functionality off at any time." HockeyApp, 04


HockeyApp was launched in 2012. It was acquired by Microsoft in 2014 Crunchbase, 01. The company existed in some form in 2011, with Microsoft as a customer HockeyApp, 05.

"HockeyApp does not collect any PII (Personable Identifiable Information) and the user tracking is done anonymously... Keep in mind that whenever the HockeySDK sends metric data to our backend, a corresponding app version gets automatically added to the app." HockeyApp, 04

"You can get more insights into user behavior for the testers of your app. You can see basic user metrics, gauge customer engagements and even check your app’s reliability throughout the day. More than that, you can drill down on the users that have experienced a particular crash type or a crash that happened during a specific time period. This will help you know if the crash has affected a lot of people over a cross section of your users or if there are specific groups of people who experience the same type of crashes repeatedly." Stackify, 01


External Links

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