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Creator jawz101
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id c0c80fe2-a63f-4999-ab43-dde01d72aed3
created 2018-12-28T05:45:53.084391+00:00
updated 2023-02-05T11:35:47.049714+00:00
name Youmi


creation_date 2018-12-28
code_signature net.youmi
network_signature aos\.wall\.youmi\.net|au\.youmi\.net|youmi\.net
website https://www.youmi.net/
is_in_exodus False
artifact_id nativead
group_id net.youmi.ads
gradle net.youmi.ads:nativead:1.4.6@aar
comments Founded in 2010, Youmi is the first mobile advertising platform in China. Driven by big data & AI techniques, Youmi has served more than 10,000 advertisers and 600,000 publishers through marketing solutions and monetization services. We are aiming to build a mobile marketing ecosystem between mobile apps and mobile social medias, and build connection between advertisers, publishers and users. Two featured services: - Performance-based Advertising - Social Content Marketing(in China domestic market) Three star products: - AppGrowing (App data analysis platform) - Mihui (Short Video data analysis platform) - LanX (Ad creative tool)
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