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Status In εxodus
Creator jawz101
Approvers ✔️ Lovis_IX
✔️ stevenxx132
id c7684d10-b2d1-4a27-9a11-4300830e844e
created 2019-09-26T02:21:19.649030+00:00
updated 2021-02-28T14:32:44.856531+00:00
name AdLocus

Location-based ads connects you with your audience at the right time at the right place. Target the right users to drive interaction and make influences.

creation_date 2019-09-26
code_signature com.adlocus.
website https://adlocus.com
is_in_exodus True
gradle com.adlocus:library:3.5.7@aar
comments https://wiki.adlocus.com/index.php?title=Android_SDK // 設定使用者年齡 (也可使用 setBirthday()) void setAge(int age) void setBirthDate(GregorianCalendar birthday)) void setGender(AdLocusTargeting$Gender gender) void setTestMode(boolean isTesting) // 設置範例: AdLocusTargeting targeting = new AdLocusTargeting(); targeting.setAge(23); targeting.setBirthDate(new GregorianCalendar(1990, 12, 29)); targeting.setGender(AdLocusTargeting$Gender.MALE); targeting.setTestMode(true); //使用測試模式 Found 1 times (2020-12-12)
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Category Advertisement Identification Location Profiling