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Creator jawz101
Approver ✔️ stevenxx132
id cdabde80-683c-4363-a115-8372ac0a132f
created 2019-03-09T01:41:24.726930+00:00
updated 2022-02-10T20:42:05.763341+00:00
name Beemray
creation_date 2019-03-09
code_signature com.beemray.
website https://www.beemray.com
is_in_exodus False
maven_repository https://dl.beemray.com/maven/
artifact_id android-sdk
group_id com.beemray
gradle com.beemray:android-sdk:7.4.0
comments Using machine learning, we help you to understand your consumer behaviour, in realtime. Collect your context data from your digital products. Tackle your business’ challenging questions by utilising out-of-the-box automated segments. Discover insights on your customer behaviour to make better business decisions. Connect with your other tech partners to make your audiences instantly actionable. There are various methods available to collect your location and contextual data from all of your digital touch points (including Mobile Apps, Websites, Connected Devices, Data Warehouses). Use these real-time contexts individually for insights and targeting or combine contexts as audiences. Automatic segments based on primarily location-based patterns. These include Home, Work, Travel, Commuting etc. Interest segments are based on content analysis, topic and other factors. A person’s present lifestyle multidimensionally. Combining Personal Status & Interest. Set accurate geofences to measurement and attribution. Current and forecasted weather data & meteorologist derived lifestyle indices. Traffic conditions of the device context. A powerful and easily digestible reporting in a self-serve user interface. Visualise where your consumers live, work and commute. Predict their next moves. Unique context and audience performance metrics over time. Our proprietary Location Crowdsourcing methods compare, validate and constantly refresh our location database. Not Found (2020-12-12)
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Category Advertisement Location Profiling