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BlueKai (acquired by Oracle)

Creator jawz101
id d1ff3767-2430-4c17-9c5b-328663018e54
created 2018-04-27T00:52:13.094145+00:00
updated 2020-07-13T20:24:42.413717+00:00
name BlueKai (acquired by Oracle)
creation_date 2018-04-27
code_signature com.bluekai.sdk.
network_signature stags\.bluekai\.com|tags\.bluekai\.com
website http://bluekai.com/registry/
is_in_exodus True
comments Additional links: https://docs.oracle.com/cloud/latest/marketingcs_gs/OMCDA/IntegratingBlueKaiPlatform/MobileIntegrations/android_sdk.html Notes: little information. Just reading their sdk readme.md in the above link. May be web traffic domains for the network signature so it may be better to regex. Oracle helps increase transparency by showing you what types of interest segments are collected by the Oracle Data Cloud for use in interest-based advertising. Click here for more information about Oracle Data Cloud interest-based advertising, including information on how to opt-out.
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