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IBM Mobile Marketing


id d9ee22e1-3e8b-459e-8f6f-56e7a75cdb10
created 2018-11-05T19:35:48.675858+00:00
updated 2020-07-13T20:53:50.969070+00:00
name IBM Mobile Marketing
  • Mobile push messaging
  • SMS and group chat marketing
  • Mobile analytics
  • Location-based marketing
  • AI-powered content management
  • Multichannel marketing

  • Old documentation

creation_date 2018-11-05
code_signature com.ibm.mce.sdk.|co.acoustic.mobile.push.sdk.|com.xtify.mce.sdk.
network_signature sdk6\.ibm\.xtify\.com
website https://acoustic.co/
is_in_exodus False
comments IBM Xtify products: Deliver personalized content through SMS messaging, push notifications, in-app messaging and AI-powered, location-based marketing. IBM® Marketing Cloud Enable the delivery of exceptional customer experiences across the entire buyer journey using customer data, analytical insights and automated cross-channel interactions. IBM Mobile Web Push (formerly Xtify Web Push) Dynamically trigger near-real-time, one-to-one notifications for your mobile and tablet websites. IBM Mobile Push Notification (formerly Xtify® Mobile Push Notification) Create notification campaigns that engage mobile app users at the optimal time and place. https://www-01.ibm.com/software/info/xtify/ https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/xtify https://www.ibm.com/customer-engagement/digital-marketing/mobile-marketing