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created 2019-01-02T18:56:58.639955+00:00
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name AdTheorent
creation_date 2019-01-02
code_signature com.adtheorent.
network_signature adtheorent\.com|bm\.adentifi\.com|rtb\.adentifi\.com
website https://adtheorent.com
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comments AdTheorent builds custom machine learning models using historic and real-time data to predict future actions for every campaign. AdTheorent’s predictive platform learns who will convert and the parameters that drive performance. Predictive solutions: PREDICTIVE TARGETING Allow the machine learning service to find consumers with the highest likelihood of converting. PREDICTIVE AUDIENCES Define the audience parameters and let the machine learning service identify consumers within that audience who are most likely to convert. Combine the power of predictive targeting with location Reach consumers who are present at or have been to a location and have the highest probability of making a meaningful interaction. Geo-intelligence solutions: GEO-FENCING Eliminate traditionally wasteful geotargeting by identifying consumers who are within a predetermined geofence and only messaging those with the highest probability of taking a desired action. GEO-RETARGETING Identify consumers who have visited predetermined locations and only message those with the highest probability of converting. COST PER INCREMENTAL VISIT Drive new visits to a given location, verified by a third party. Map real-world human connections AdTheorent categorizes your audience’s relationships to perform advanced targeting which harnesses the power of influential connections. Activating the Relationship Graph: ACTIVATE BRAND LOYALISTS Amplify your message to your core consumer’s social groups. LEVERAGE GROUP INFLUENCE Message your core consumer’s social group to influence the core consumer’s mindset or behavior. MESSAGE THE HOUSEHOLD Influence household decisions by targeting a message to the entire family.
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